Key Features

  • Show Schedule

    Show ScheduleImage of
    You can display your events from your Apple Calendar. By adding Google Account on Apple Calendar, you can display events of your Google Calendar events.
  • Digital Clock

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    Digital Clock. You can check time very easily by allocating digital clock on desktop.
  • Easy to display

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    You can review your calendar by choosing "Show Desktop" from Mission Control.
  • Size and Layout

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    Display the calendar as bigger as you can, or as smaller as a compact calendar, you can modify the size and layout so easily.
  • Customizing

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    You can change the colors, fonts, shadows, box lines easily and intuitively. Depending on the desktop pictures and settings that  you choose, you can create your totally diverse and unique designed calendar we have ever experienced.
  • Appearance

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    As our design preset is ready to use, you can customize it easily. Of course, you can save your preset by your own preference.
  • Switching displayed month

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     From the menu bar button, you can switch to last month and next month smoothly.
  • Today, Weekday, Holiday

    Today, Weekday, HolidayImage of
    Specify the color of today, weekday to holiday, so that the each one of day shows up in color. So easy to recognize.
  • Week beginning

    Week beginningImage of
    You can set a beginning day of week from Monday to Sunday, or let's say set your favorite beginning day of the week.
  • Public Holidays

    Public HolidaysImage of
    Support for Google ics format. Add the calendar of the country where you are and display it as is.Japanese and American public holidays is already in.
  • Sub-Calendar

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    Display small calendars from before/after 2 months, so total 4 months can be displayed. Sure, calendar positions are easily changed and so handy.
  • Your Desktop

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    Show us your customized desktop with Desktop Calendar Plus! Twitter hashtag #dcplus

Screenshot of Preference

Case Study


  1. Where is the application installed?

    As always with other Mac apps, you will find it in /Applications folder. When using this Application replacing into other folder, unexpected error may be occurred . Please leave this Desktop Calendar at Application folder.

  2. Application is launched, but I can not find the icon in Dock!?

    Desktop Calendar Plus is a menubar app, so that there is no Dock icon. When quitting the app, you can choose "Quit Desktop Calendar Plus" from menubar icon.

  3. I can not see the calendar as it's been covered by windows!

    That's what this app is for. Just hide windows or Display "Desktop" by Mission Control or Exposé, then voilà, you see Desktop Calendar Plus!

  4. How can I change the desktop picture?

    On Desktop Calendar Plus default, you can not change your original desktop picture. Please change its picture from system preferences.

  5. I don't want it any more

    Sorry about that. You can delete Desktop Calendar Plus in trash.

  6. I deleted Desktop Calendar Plus by mistake! How can I get it again?

    You can access to Mac App Store, then you can install Desktop Calendar Plus without any hustle and bustle. You don't need to buy it again if the your mac app store account is same account you've bought it before.

  7. I want to add other calendar format rather than ical of Google Calendar!

    Sorry, we will not add this function for the moment

  8. When adding national festive calendars into Desktop Calendar Plus, Is it possible to combine them together and show it with an unique calendar?

    Sorry, at the moment, we haven't added this feature. However, if you can make its calendar by yourself, it may be possible

  9. Font is not displayed properly!

    Please try other font

  10. Is it possible to put my files on Desktop Calendar Plus, and fix/stick it inside each date box?

    Nope, sir, unfortunately

  11. I want to add original theme in Desktop Calendar Plus. How can I do it?

    Sorry about that. We will add new themes in the future, so stay tuned!

  12. Are you going to release Windows or Linux version of Desktop Calendar Plus?

    We don't have any plan for other OS.

  13. I want to add my original date in to the calendar!

    You can make it by Google Calendar, and add it from preference.

  14. I want to sync my Apple Calendar and Google Calendar, then display the events on Desktop Calendar Plus!

    You can add selecting Apple Calendar View Schedules check-box at Schedule tab - Preferences window.

  15. I can find this application at log-in setting at System Preferences!

    Due to the software specification, it doesn't show at the log-in setting window. Please check it on at Preferences in Desktop Calendar

  16. Come on, show your face!


  17. When I close Preferences window, Calendar disappears!

    Most probably some applications interfere functionality of display, so, please try adjusting "Window Level" at General tab - Preferences window.

  18. Menubar Icon of Desktop Calendar Plus is not displayed!

    Probably, do you use many applications and Desktop Calendar Plus menubar icon is hidden by other applications? You can try closing some applications to show its icon at menubar or change application launching process at Login Items from Users Groups - System Preferences. You can display Dock icon on "General" tab on Preferences window, too.

  19. hmmn, Application crashes! I think I found bugs and Desktop Calendar Plus doesn't work. Freak out, man!

    Thanks for finding bugs/errors on our app! We appreciate if you could report the error to our support via email, mentioning the status and your current Mac environment. We may discover the reason quickly and will try to fix it as soon as we can.
    ie; descriptions of Mail to Desktop Calendar Plus Developer Team
    - Found a bug on Desktop Calendar Plus when I did some actions
    - When using other apps, some problem happens on Desktop Calendar Plus
    - Found some issues when looking at other things

Change Log



  • Sorry, In this version, we will end the support of OS X 10.6 and OS X 10.7.
  • Optimized for macOS 10.12 (Sierra).
  • Added to the options. Today's schedule, Tomorrow's schedule, Next schedule. (Font and font size is fixed.)
  • Fixed: A bug when reading the Saved preset.
  • Fixed: An issue related to use memory.
  • Deleted the date display of the main calendar.
  • Deleted reset layout menu.
  • Bug Fixes.



  • Improved stability.



  • In the preset, you can save or restore the window of the layout.
  • Bug fixes.



  • Bug fixes.



  • Resolves an issue with Launch at Login.
  • Adjusted the Login Helper App
  • Changed the process of window layout. (Layout will be reset at the time of the launched.)
  • Other, small modifications.



  • Fixed: Problem that can't display the event in a format other than "A.D.".
  • Fixed: Problem of the "others" in Event display.
  • Fixed: Bug fixed at Digital watch



  • -----
    Sorry, We kept you waiting so long.
  • Optimized for OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • Support for Dark Theme of OS X ("Use dark menu bar and Dock" of System Preferences)
  • New Application icon.
  • New Applidation icon in Dock.
  • Renewed of application inside images and all window theme.
  • Fixed at Google Calendar.
  • Adjusted and arranged several parts in Preferences.
  • Optimized the event display of the calendar.
  • Some bug-fixed and changed.



  • -----
    From Version 1.2.9, the feature of displaying Public Holiday has been integrated into Schedule tab at Preferences.
    While adding Public Holiday data into your or Google Calendar, please choose Public Holiday at Schedule tab in Desktop Calendar Plus.
  • Bug fixes.



  • -----
    From Version 1.2.9, the feature of displaying Public Holiday has been integrated into Schedule tab at Preferences.
    While adding Public Holiday data into your or Google Calendar, please choose Public Holiday at Schedule tab in Desktop Calendar Plus.
  • [ New Feature ] Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) localization are added.
  • [ New Feature ] Dutch localization is added.
  • [ New Feature ] Russian localization is added.
  • [ New Feature ] Finnish localization is added.
  • [ New Feature ] Indonesian localization is added.
  • [ New Feature ] Korean localization is added.

  • ・Fixed bug when choosing coating color of Public Holiday at Appearance, the chosen color was not reflected at Date/Week box.
  • ・Fixed several terms of Brazilian Portuguese localization.



  • [New Feature] Added Popup window for displaying hidden events on main Calendar. The hidden events mean “Word-wrapped event", “others:”, and further events will be shown popped-up by double-click.
  • [New Feature] Eliminated Public holiday item on General tab, and Added feature with check box for Public Holiday on Calendar list of Schedule tab. Numbers of Public Holiday events can be selected in case you would like to show holidays from various countries.
  • [New Feature] Added French localization
  • [New Feature] Added German localization
  • [New Feature] Added Spanish localization
  • Various localization fixed in English, Italian, Portuguese (Brasil).
  • Fixed the displyaing issue on Weekly Number on main Calendar.



  • -----
    For users who upgrade Desktop Calendar Plus from previous version

    From version 1.2.4., saving layout feature has been revised.
    The original layouts which had been saved in previous version 1.2.3 will be reset to default layout, therefore we kindly ask you to set your original layouts again, and current version will save your layout.
  • Fixed Japanese holidays data.



  • [New Feature] Added week number option in main Calendar (ISO only).
  • [New Feature] Added color option on each date of week.
  • [New Feature] Added shadow adjustment option by x and y axis.
  • Adjusted way of displaying event number on Calendar with “Others...Number" when events are more than space of the date box.
  • Bug-fixed on Google Calendar sync.
  • Adjusted and arranged several parts in Preferences.
  • Several bug fixes.



  • [New Feature] Added hourly displaying option for scheduling. You can set options of hours such as displayed in 24 Hours or 12 Hours (AM/PM).
  • Bug fixed - monthly names on Sub calendar in Italian localization.



  • Improved reliability and precision when saving layout on each resolution of monitor.
  • Fixed unexpected effect when waking up from sleep mode.



  • [ New Feature ] Adjusted Layout tool for optimizing resolutions for Multi Displays, Multi-monitors, Each monitors on OS X 10.9 environment. It saves layout on each monitors and resolutions.
  • [ New Feature ] Added displaying option for Date of “Today” at Month number’s postion on main calendar.
  • [ New Feature ] Added displyaing option for fixed box size of Calendar.
  • Fixed |displaying issue, covering menu-bar area when clicking enlaring button of main windows on OS X10.9. Added some fixes on its enlarge/narrow button.
  • Fixed bugs on displaying 2014 holidays data in English and Japanese.
  • Optimized for Retina display.
  • Bug fixes on Apple Calendar (iCal) and Google Calendar.
  • Various bug fixes



  • Bug fixes



  • Bug fixed multi-lingual environment (except Japanese)
  • Sorting out key chain issue under OSX 10.8. Google Calendar user is required to log in.



  • Bug fixes



  • [ New Feature ] Added event displaying feature from Google Calendar. Google Account is required.
  • Fixed menubar icon displaying problem after Sleep
  • Fixed crash issue after Sleep/Log-in.
  • Some bug-fixed and repairs
  • Improved stability



  • [ New Feature ] Added calendar event displaying feature from Apple Calendar (View Schedules with Apple Calendar - Schedule Tab) In order to display events from your Google Calendar, please add further events at Apple Calendar.
  • Bug fixed at Digital watch.
  • Fixed at Layout Tool.
  • The entire performance on app is optimized.



  • [ New Feature ] Application Icon. You can select Menubar icon, Dock icon, Menubar and Dock icon.
  • [ New Feature ] Digital Clock option is added at Preferences > Option.
  • [ New Feature ] Window level option is added.
  • [ New Feature ] Reset Layout menu is added. Displaying its menu option with check box is added at Preferences > Theme.
  • [ New Feature ] Multi-Display / Multi-Resolution are supported.
  • [ New Feature ] Display option at Spaces is added. Able to select from All Spaces or main Spaces.
  • [ New Feature ] Application icon is renewed.
  • Default position of all Window is adjusted. (for Macbook Air 11 inches)
  • Displaying Main menu is adjusted.
  • Date icon is adjusted.
  • Other features are adjusted.
  • Fixed several features when using Retina Display.
  • Bug fixed at retrieving original calendar from Google Calendar.
  • Fixed Holiday Calendar data.
  • Other Bug fixed are placed.



  • [ New Feature ] added date displaying on Menubar icon.
  • Added a setting on Multi-Displays, Multi-Screen sizes. You can save different sets up to screen sizes at once, so that calendar layout/figure will be remained same when you use the same displays/screen size next time. It is not meaning that you can save it in the Preset menu.
  • Fine tuned the smallest size of main calendar. You can display the main calendar size much smaller than the last version.
  • Fixed display issue when downloading holiday .ics files.
  • Improved latency when changing the size of the Main Calendar.
  • Fixed the official website addresses showing proper languages in the Preferences.
  • Fixed the display issue on the Updates when the App is not connected to the internet.
  • Fixed the calendar animation when restarting from the sleep mode.
  • Added [ Forest ] Presets.
  • Fine tuned on several issues and Fixed tiny issues.
  • Added [ moss ] desktop picture on [ Website ] .
  • [ New feature ] Added close button on Mini calendar.
  • Revised processing method of resizing on the main window while keeping the Aspect ratio.



  • First release!